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"Gardening is a Local, Month-By-Month Experience"

Since its onset, Cool Springs Press understood that the most reliable gardening information addresses the growing conditions where consumers live and garden and was the first to recognize the opportunity in publishing.

In 1996, Cool Springs Press published its first state specific gardener's guide for Tennessee, the Tennessee Gardener's Guide. Written by a trusted gardener and garden communicator, the first gardener's guide featured proven plants for Tennessee gardens and was an instant success. As a result, the first state-by-state gardening publishing program was born.

Cool Springs Press grew one state at a time and secured expert gardening communicators in each new state and region. The original gardener's guide evolved from a one-color, to a full color book and from one state to plant information for 46 states.

Tennessee-based Cool Springs Press immediately hit pay dirt in 1996. with its Tennessee Gardener's Guide and has since expanded the series to 13 states, with 16 more regional guides scheduled for this year "There's an absolute need for people to know what's going on in their own backyard," says President and publisher Roger Waynick.
—Publisher's Weekly February 9, 1998

In 1998, Cool Springs Press added the Month-By-Month Gardening series to their publishing program with books that provided twelve months of how-to and when-to advice for gardeners. The month-by month series' monthly gardening advice complemented the gardeners guide plant selection information and expanded across the country. The state and regional gardening guides and Month-By-Month books continue to be perennial sellers today.

Beginning in 2000, Cool Springs Press started growing their state and regional gardening information further and added fruit and vegetable gardening, water gardening, regional rose and perennial books, and a Tough Plants series.

In addition to new regional series, Cool Springs Press expanded their gardening publishing into Canada with the publication of The Guide to Canadian Vegetable Gardening written by a well-known gardening communicator, Doug Green.

Leading Authors Join Cool Spring Press All New Square Foot Gardening written by popular author Mel Bartholomew is the best selling gardening book with more than two million copies sold across all editions. Published by Cool Springs Press in 2006, All New Square Foot Gardening continues to be the top gardening book on Amazon and has risen to the top 40 of all Amazon book sales during peak gardening season.

Joe Lamp'l, also known as Joe Gardener®, has written two innovative books for Cool Springs Press. Over the Fence addresses both the how-to and why-do of gardening , and The Green Gardener's Guide, the first eco-friendly gardening book offering simple, significant actions to garden to protect the planet and preserve our resources. In addition to Joe and Mel, Cool Springs Press has released national titles from other expert gardeners including Melinda Myers, Peter Loewer, and Debra Prinzing.

16 Years of Publishing

After more than 16 years in gardening publishing, Cool Springs Press continues to grow their line of gardening information. They are responding to the renewed popularity in edible gardening and the consumers’ need for affordable resources for gardening information. In addition to their book publishing, Cool Springs Press has implemented new ways to share gardening information and communicate with gardeners. through CSPGreen, Garden Retailers Education and Event Network, and its content marketing programs. From the beginning, their mission was to grow successful gardeners, and they will continue to honor that mission by delivering information in many forms that will both inform and inspire gardeners where they live and garden.

"At Cool Springs Press we understand that gardening is a local, month-by-month experience. By providing gardening content and information based on where you live, gardeners can become more successful," said Roger Waynick, Founder "Our goal is to grow gardening success by communicating with consumers and providing information relevant to where they live and garden."

In March of 2011, Cool Springs Press was purchased by Quarto Holdings and joined the Quayside Publishing Group of like-minded imprints creating the leading how-to, instructional books and products. Shortly after, Roger Waynick unexpectedly passed away.

Today, Cool Springs Press proudly continues on its mission to "Grow Successful Gardeners."

Our origianal book, Tessessee Gardener's Guide

The Tennessee Gardener's Guide, written by Walter Reeves and Lark Foster, debuted in 1996 and was the first of what has become a full library of state-specific gardening guides.