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Cool Springs Press resellers enjoy the benefits of offering more than 250 Cool Springs Press titles from more than 125 gardening authors, including the best-selling gardening book of all time, All New Square Foot Gardening. In addition to Cool Springs Press books, our booksellers are encouraged to choose from hundreds of other Quayside Publishing Group books expanding availability to many topics of interest to gardeners, such as home improvement, decorating projects, cooking, sustainable living, and small scale farming.

Cool Springs Press and all Quayside Publishing Group books provide reliable & practical advice to help your customers become more successful at what they love to do.

Lawn & Garden and Bookstore Retailers

We know that gardening is a local experience so our books instruct your customers on how to garden where they live—what to do and when to do it. You'll find a map in the book section of our website. Choose your state or region to view the recommended titles for your area.

Everyone can take advantage of the increased interest in gardening and reach out to an expanding customer base. Expand your offering to include the titles that teach your customers how to do America's foremost hobby—gardening!

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